Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Why does everyone feel they are special? Why should I make exception to rules just for them? Why should I accommodate someone? Unless I’m mistaken, I was under the impression that academia meant red tape. The more red tape and the more hoops to jump through, the better you were doing your job.

Now I’m not talking about providing reference assistance to students or anything library related here. I believe I should jump through hoops for people who want to use the library for research and use librarians as resources. Bring it on!

What I’m talking about is my glorified photography stint as ID Card-Picture taker. First of all, we have signs posted, e-mails have been sent and I’ve spoken to tons of people about the dates and times for taking IDs. We aren’t a big operation here so taking pictures at anyone’s whim is not top priority.

So why do so many Joe Schmo professors come in wanting their ID’s taken when it’s not the scheduled time? I mean we’re talking about 1.5 hours earlier than the scheduled time. Even as I explain we have make-up dates for photos they insist they won’t be here or they need to do it now. What pissed me off was that the most recent beauty, Returning Prof, had to mention that he had a meeting with the top administrator now and needed his picture taken. Since he used his trump card, I had no choice but to do their photo, lest administration hear he was refused.

I despise people who feel it necessary to name drop, threaten, or use other slimy tactics to get what they want. GRRRRrrrrrr.

- Hen 3

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. "Special" people make my head hurt sometimes. There was a woman in the library who asked me to write up her notes for her. What was she thinking?