Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Missing Pen

I was sitting in the office today and a student knocked on the door. He looked a bit lost when he asked: “Have you seen my pen? I left it by one of the computers last week.” I said, “Its not likely if you left it over a week ago; was it expensive?” “No” he said, “It was white and I just liked using it.”

Again, to clarify I was hearing properly, I asked: “Was it expensive or worth something?” He said “no” and said “that’s okay; I just liked that pen and wanted to see if you had it.” So he walked away and that was it.

Um, okay. Here I was thinking that an expensive Mont Blanc pen was possibly stolen or still in the library. Nope, this probably was a plain ole Bic pen with a fine point.

- Hen 1

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