Thursday, May 11, 2006

Beauty School

I understand that sometimes the library isn’t the most exciting place for a student worker. But it is inexcusable to polish one’s nails while sitting at any service desk. Rooster walked in the other day and said, “I think Flirty Chick is polishing her nails.” I go to investigate and sure enough there was a bottle of polish sitting on the desk.

After I told Flirty Chick that this behavior was unacceptable, she said, “okay I won’t do it.” Since she has an attitude problem, I took a peek back and saw her complaining to some of her worker buddies. Complain all you want BITCH. Let’s consider the following: If we don’t allow students to polish their nails in the library, what makes you think its okay to polish yours?

Answers to last Post

Since no one bothered to respond to the last posting and play our little game, I am not revealing the answer to the mystery vendor. Quick recap: Southern vendor that has a sexy British woman while you wait for customer service. Last chance to answer!

- Hen 3

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