Friday, June 02, 2006


If I had my way, the library would be a nice soft peach hue. It would relax the students, I could look at a nice color and it would match my bedroom sheets.

The way things are done around here; one doesn’t expect much planning or thought to go into an event such as this. Originally, moving the shelving from the walls didn’t seem like such a big deal. But let’s consider the books on the shelves; they make everything much heavier and harder to move.

Today, two days from painting day, our facilities manager realizes there’s no way to move the shelving, unless you get a forklift. The solution: paint around the shelving…hopefully no one will notice the line where the old paint and new paint starts.

We’re going to half a half-assed paint job. Not only that, but we’re expecting new furniture within the next week and we’re going to rearrange the furniture anyway. Facilities solution: they’ll touch it up when the new furniture gets in. My solution: fire the facilities manager and get someone who knows how to plan.

Did I mention the elevator is also out of service? Apparently the local governing body that inspects for elevator safety shut us down. That’s right folks; they shut down our elevator because it WAS NOT safe. I’ve been riding up and down in the rickety thing with AV equipment and at any moment I could have plummeted to my death and be pinned underneath a huge TV and cart. I think OSHA would be very interested to hear about my working conditions…

- Hen 2


Angelica said...

I can whine in tune to that! Last in line for new carpeting at my school, I finally reach the top of the list. The next kidney is mine. I even get to give color input! So, it's time to get rid of the the 70's orange chairs. I go for navy sled-base chairs. I like them: quiet, slidy, stackable. The custodian told the principal NOT to order sled-based 'cause HE didn't like them (As if he cared-they never vacuum unless I stack the chairs). The principal listened to me. BUT...he took it upon himself to purchase "gold" chairs--like blue and gold are school colors. Duh! I got 25 chairs in McDonald's yellow, visible from the moon! I refused to take them. The principal had to put them in classrooms and re-order navy. How hard can it be to do it right once? At least you get peach walls. Hey--you can fill in the patches with a coordinating color--liven things up!

Storywebber said...

On the painting issue..been there, done that only when we moved the book shelves (another story in itself) apparently in the 50 years or so, the library was painted in about 5 different colors and the book shelves must have been varying heights throughout the years. Also found sliding doors (short but long) built in the wall. Can't remove them unless we rebuild the wall. What did they originally open to?

Do you work at my school? Sounds like the facilities manager is my principal.