Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sound Off

Apologies all around for the lack of postings in the past week. We've actually been busy in the library. As for everyone else, shame on you! We've been feeling down about the lack of comments on our blog and it's about time everyone spoke up and said hello! Oh, and thank you for the two people that posted awhile back. Let's hear a few comments from the rest of the peanut gallery!

While we lazy on postings, we were actually helping students with practice interviews. The students set up their appointments and we grade them on their overall performance. My students mostly giggled a little bit or were slightly uncomfortable (squirm kid, squirm), but for the most part did pretty well. Although, I have no doubt that they will bomb their first interview; only then do you learn what not to do.

We've also had some vendor issues lately, my favorite topic. Apparently there is this flaw (bug) in our library system software and they've known about it for some time. What I can't understand is why they try to place the blame on us and play dumb. If they looked into our complaints and did a little research, they would have immediately put two and two together. Meanwhile, I've been trying to think of any reason why a function won't work and how to fix it. This basically means that I wasted a week of my time when I could have been surfing the Internet. What nerve.

- Hen 4


This Chick said...

I understand, cause I rarely get comments on my blog. I do really enjoy yours. It's quite amusing! I believe I've commented on your blog in the past.

The Cackling Hens said...

Thanks, keep on reading!