Friday, March 17, 2006

Librarians Never Forget

One of our old trouble makers came in to ask us a favor. Seems she lost her ID and has just graduated. The thing is she wants to have a student ID for all of the perks that come with it (health insurance, discounts, etc.). Perhaps if she was nicer to us in the past, we could have done something for her. But calling me, a BITCH, on the top of her lungs is not going to be forgotten so easily.

I remember that day fondly, my first real altercation with a student while enforcing the student ID requirement. It's very common in most colleges and universities, so to complain and call me a bitch in front of witnesses, is not acceptable. She got disciplined and learned her lesson, maybe. Nevertheless, whenever I've had the fortune to see her in the hallway, she looks away first.

Well it certainly is too bad that our system was down today and that she's likely to have been removed from it. Darn shame. I guess someone is going to have to pay for insurance at the higher level. If only she weren't such an evil bitch herself - things could have been different.

- Hen 1

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