Monday, March 27, 2006

Back from CIL

This year I had the
privilege of attending one conference of my choice. Yes, the perks of academia are working in my favor! I got back this weekend after a weeks worth of information explosion and inspiration. The biggest crowd pleaser was the Wiki's. All the movers and shakers have a wiki these days! This explains a lot since I don't have one; that will change shortly.

I happened to travel to DC with my boyfriend due to a coincidence that we both had work related conferences to attend. Now what are the odds of that happening? hmmmm. When we first arrived, I would point out all the librarians that arrived early. "Spotting one at 3 O 'clock and so forth. As much as I hate to say it, most of us in this field are really stereotyped for a reason. I admit it, I have the glasses and sensible shoes but I DO NOT wear a bun or god awful dowdy clothing. No sense in looking like a slob, have some pride I say!

On that note, there weren't too many offenders since the word is getting out that we need to update our style along with technology. As for CIL, I can honestly say I really enjoyed the presentations and I learned so much. I just wish that I felt as inspired at work today.

When I got in today, the building was freezing, and still is. Apparently, now that it's officially spring, the heat is officially off. Nevertheless, I do have a nice scarf and jacket to keep me warm. But what really pissed me off were the boxes left in my office. Some individuals decided to take advantage of my absence and decided to dump boxes of shit. I just love shit in my office. My office is so big that I have this huge desk, yeah, about the size of a podium. You see, I have a small desk because there's no room in here! We will have to work that out later when Rooster see's it.

There's so much more to tell about CIL...there were so many rowdy librarians. The only evening session was on Dead Technology and we had cat calls coming from one drunken librarian and several hoots and hollering from the audience. The presenters were also wild and one amusing fellow kept saying F*ck! Good times.

- Hen 2


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Anonymous said...

Back in the Dark Ages, circa 1985, when my wife and I went to library conferences, we would identify librarians by their posture, their modes of interaction with other in the cityscape, and by the vendor giveaways lugged around as much as the stereotypical modes of dress and grooming.

Of course, the technical services folks are the easiest to spot because they get out the least.