Friday, March 31, 2006

Mrs. Pummelhorse, I'd Like to Get Down Now

Well, we have been on a partial break and all is quiet -- too quiet -- on the library front. Sure we enjoy time to actually work on things that are important to us but we do miss the anecdotal fruits our students' bear. I am sure we will be wishing for the quiet next week.

The library has been so quiet and is so far removed from the rest of the college that pretty much anyone could walk in and kill us and it would probably be a couple of days before anyone realized. It is especially eerie when the power goes out which happens from time to time. Seeing as our offices are enclosed in glass running to hide and save ourselves is simply not an option...great design folks.

We are sorry for not posting more regularly but without our student fodder we are really not that interesting a bunch. Okay, we are, but you know what they say..."What happens in the library...". But do stay tuned because things will be picking up next week and we will try to get on a more regular cycle.

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