Tuesday, February 28, 2006


There's something in the air that just doesn't bode well.
Maybe it's the putrid odor that is permeating the air? We tend to catch a whiff of raw sewage now and then. But, the library has been so quiet lately that you know it's just the calm before the storm. Even the resentful student workers have been uncharacteristically quiet and cooperative.

The workers aren't the only ones that are a bit off. The hens have been cackling less but we've been at each others throats. You know what happens when you put together a bunch of hens that are grumpy? It's not pretty. Not to mention Rooster has been out of character lately due to a new medication that sedates. Things tend to get a little rough here and that's what it came down to: drugs or finding a new job. Only kidding, it's not one of those drugs.

- Hen 1

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