Friday, February 24, 2006

Children of the Corn

Our student workers have been acting a bit strange lately; I fear they may be possessed by some evil force. We are barricaded in our offices and they are pounding on the door with bloodlust in their eyes! HELP! HELP!

Despite the tongue lashing our wonderful student workers received last week, it's obvious they didn't listen. The latest happenings:

Not So Innocent Chick has a new boy toy that's not a student here. This would be all well and fine if she didn't try to sneak him in at night. We do not allow non-students within the library and she's been sneaking him past security. We finally caught on and she's in a bit of trouble. It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Sporty Chick is on the "watch list" because she's been holding court while on the job. She blatantly flirts, talks, and doesn't work within our viewing range; I think she's going to need another job soon.

Flirty Chick may need to get in line behind Sporty Chick since she hasn't been doing much of the flirting lately. She does however feel the need to brush her long beautiful locks while working. Hairdressing and books... not quite the mix we want to promote here.

And Male Chick he's just clueless but in a harmless way. Yet, if he hangs out with the rest of the beauties much longer, then there may be some trouble.

- Hen 3

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