Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Obssessive Cleaning

In the past few weeks, items have been mysteriously moved. They reappear in a new order and are arranged elsewhere in the office. Our piles have been re-piled so to speak, and we can't find anything. Apparently our cleaning service has hired a new cleaning lady who is a bit obsessive compulsive about the way things are placed.

Despite the fact that we can't find anything, we aren't going to say a word to complain. She's the best cleaner (actually cleans) we've ever had and if I have to rummage through papers to find something, I'm fine with that. There's definitely something to be said for meticulous cleaning.

I just wonder why OCD Cleaner continues to move our water bottles. Apparently she thinks these items do not belong on one's desk; rather, they should be placed in a storage area. We never know what's going to be moved next, so we try not to anger the OCD Cleaner and keep our areas as neat as possible.

- Hen 2

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