Monday, February 20, 2006

Catch Up Day

With the President's Day holiday upon us, we're dead as a door nail. What bliss! Even though classes are not in session until this evening, the library staff must be here bright 'n early! I actually enjoy these slow days, no students, easy commute, and basically just hanging out and catching up on various projects.

In light of our relaxing day, the past week was a full one. We had to read our student workers the Riot Act which incited some hateful feelings. Basically the Rooster laid down the law (again) and whipped those workers into shape until the next time that is.

More annoying than our student workers, our elevator is out or order, again. This rickety device would have Elisha Graves Otis rolling in his grave. It is really quite sad that the college is too damned cheap to purchase a new elevator. I believe DUMB ASS should be the new college name since they have to keep paying for replacement parts that will soon add up to the cost of a new elevator.

Other than that, all of the library staff is allergic to the building. For the past week we've been breaking out in hives and having allergic reactions to something in our environment. We can't prove the building is doing it, yet. But, I've started looking at those vents with suspicion lately; maybe we're being slowly poisoned? Now that would make a good mystery novel.

- Hen 4

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