Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just Borrowing this Book

The Pisher is one of the most annoying creatures to work with. He is a pseudo important person that puts on academic airs and prides himself on his anal retentive English skills. You do not want to be caught with him in a meeting, academic committee, or God forbid a social setting.

Today this arrogant little bastard decided to take a browse for a specific book he wanted to borrow. I suspiciously watched as he found the desired item. I watched as walked with it and at the last moment he glanced back to say he was just going to take it quickly to photocopy. I assumed it would be brought right back after a quick visit to the photocopier. I was wrong.

The book is still in his possession. Now, if I knew Pisher was going to use this item for the long term, I would have checked it out to him. I have no doubt this book may end up in the famous Pisher Collection, under a pair of dirty drawers in his office. That just goes to show you, you must check out every goddamned book out!

- Hen 1

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