Monday, February 13, 2006

Devoted Librarians Risk Their Lives

Almost all schools, public and private alike, decided to remain closed to ensure the safety of their students and faculty. Yet, our fine institution decided to open and force its faculty and staff to brave the extreme temperatures and the snow that hadn't been yet removed.
Apparently, administrators at our fine institution have forgotten what it's like to drive an economy car with zero traction in the snow.

Nevertheless, I arrived with teeth gritted to a near empty facility with only two students present. Of course no one was here; no one in their right mind would risk their lives for a morning class! That's dedication I tell ya! Maybe I'm the insane one for working for a bunch of tight-fisted academics, that can't bear the thought of paying someone for a snow day. Bunch of bastards I tell you.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day off!

-Hen 4

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