Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Vendors That Just Wont Quit

As fond as I am of vendor goodies, freebies and free trials, I simply can't abide the chatty reps that accompany the free stuff. When they say "free trial", they should really say, "free trial while enduring the pain of a million tiny needles."

I can be friendly and civil to vendors; I mean that could be me one day. What I don't understand is the push to be my "friend." If the product sucks, it sucks. There's no need to talk about your children, spouse, hobbies or anything that does not relate to the product.

After a month of evaluating a database, we decided that it wasn't right for our college and that the user friendly level was way below par. During this trial, the rep must have called 5 times -- way too much! Finally, we spoke and I let her know we weren't getting the database. In her defense, she is in sales, and tried to bribe me with a few free months while paying the yearly fee.

I wasn't looking for that, I'm more interested in fine dining, free airfare and maybe a shopping spree in New York City. Oh, that's not something you offer? Too bad, I was just starting to like the trial.

- Hen 4


This Chick said...

Your blog is great! I love how you stay away from mentioning names so as not to get caught. I keep my blog anon too, so I can talk about whomever I choose! Check out my blog!

The Review Board said...

Hey, I dig your blog! It is a riot--and my public library could copy many of your posts.

I was just thinking of those vendors that won't quit...I always have those people that want to send you "preview boxes" of their stuff and when you say no, they bug you with the "why not?" forever. "But it is free shipping!" "But there's no obligation to buy!" "Can't I just tell you about what is in the boxes?" How about, I am waaay too busy to listen to this drivel after I've said no?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

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