Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Clueless Student Workers

Imagine giving instructions to these three young ladies. Now repeat yourself ten times. Got it? Okay, repeat those instructions again. Right then, try again and provide explicit examples and amusing anecdotes. Sound familiar?

This is just part of a typical day but add-in several horny male students, another clueless male worker, and all the regular library responsibilities and you're in my hell. Of course, I would never assume this doesn't happen elsewhere; there are tons of oblivious people on this planet.

Flirty Chick is a horny male's dream girl and they don't let her forget it. Several times I've had to break up the groupies who love to chat with her. Often the male groupies are chatting on their cell phones or sometimes their phone goes off with some obnoxious tune. As an employee of the library, Flirty Chick is responsible for upholding the rules of the library, yet she doesn't. One of these days, she's going to find herself out of a job.

Sporty Chick is a bit more attentive to maintaining the rules, except when it comes to her own conversations. Often, this chick will come in during her off hours and simply hold loud conversations with friends. Yet it doesn't end there... Sporty Chick is so clueless that she once let a student walk out with a book without even checking it out. So, she forgot how to use the check-out feature, but she could have at least written down the patron's name, barcode, book title, ANYTHING! OYE!

Let's not forget Not So Innocent Chick, who has broken the hearts of at least three male students. She's sweet, helpful, an avid reader, and the most intelligent of our workers. Obviously, she has her dark side that is only visible to the non-librarian eye. It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Lastly, we have our most recent addition, the Male Chick. He's really out to keep an eye on the other chicks but he lacks common sense. Ahhh! He is the perfect fit to our worker collection.

- Hen 1

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