Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Departmental Tryst

Someone is getting laid on the premises of the college and it's not me! The gossip and rumors have been flying around about a certain department head, Mr. Smooth, and receptionist, aka Bootylicious getting it on. The rumors at first seemed unlikely, since Mr. Smooth is married with children and seems like such a family guy.

While we were in doubt yesterday, the fling is now confirmed. Bootylicious apparently found it necessary to email the entire college staff of her admiration of her boss. It not only struck the hens as a bit odd, but everyone has been abuzz about it. To seal the deal, Bootylicious seems to know the most intimate details about Mr. Smooth. One can wonder what Mrs. Smooth would have to say if she knew her husband was playing while at work. Tsk tsk.

- Hen 4

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