Tuesday, January 31, 2006


This was me today. I was that boring instructor that had your head nodding and eyes closing - don't forget about that drool that comes out of your mouth when you fall asleep. If you played hooky like most of the students today, then you would have missed my exciting presentation about EBSCO, ProQuest and all our other wonderful online resources. What a pity.

To make things a little more interesting, I added a special PowerPoint presentation on correct MLA format and avoiding plagiarism. "Last name first...don't forget to put the date you accessed it..." Yes, every college students dream day! Literally.

Curiously enough, the regular instructors usually "get lost" during my visits to their class. In the past, I've had some discipline issues with students and I confess I tend to antagonize them a bit with my sarcasm. Nothing like belittling an angry 18 year old and making them look like fools in front of their friends. (Evil Laugh)

Today's crowd was dull and quiet, with the exception of one student who had delusions of grandeur. He was on his cell phone. "I have my own business; I need to make a phone call." After I told him to shut the phone off several times, he finally listened. Besides if he really has a successful business, what the hell is he doing in class now? Isn't that what evening classes are for, working people?

- evil hen

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