Friday, February 03, 2006

Stalker Strikes Again

Its official. The Library Stalker is psychotic. For those of you that are not familiar with this Library regular, check out our
Cast of Characters.

Our little chick has been friendly with Stalker for quite some time. She has since come to her senses and has been busily dating numerous guys (victims?). We once thought our little chickie was sweet and thought her naiveté charming. That was before she broke the hearts of two young men, one happening to be a psycho.

When you break a psycho's heart, there are certain ramifications. Actual offenses committed by Library Stalker:

1) Leering and staring at chicks through Library window (crazy eyes!)
2) Anonymous gifts deposited upon circulation desk with note to Chick
3) Loitering and being annoying to student workers and staff
4) Grunt responses when questioned by any of librarians
5) Declaration of harm to one's self when told by Chick to "Leave me alone!"
6) Breaking objects outside the college (just cuz)

Our response was to contact the college social worker to deal with this nut job. There is also cause for concern that our little chick will be harmed in some way from Library Stalker. But to make matters worse, it seems like everyone else wanted a piece of the action too.

If you recall, Brillo Head is the useless administrator that hides under her desk. Once she got her mitts on the situation, it’s been as bad as an after school special. I’ve never seen such a terrible over dramatization in my life. Apparently Brillo Head is the new champion of young women stalked. Chickie wasn’t stalked, well not really, and Library Stalker is about as smart as a peanut. Even Rooster said he would give kudos to Library Stalker if he could ever pull anything off.

Well, the future remains to be seen, if some people have their way, it looks like we will need to hire some burly men to protect us as we huddle under the reference desk.

- Hen 1

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