Wednesday, January 04, 2006

You Ought To Be In Pictures

Well today the "little angels" as we like to call them returned to campus for Winter Session and once again the library came back to life. We have to admit that while we are experts at amusing ourselves when it gets quiet, we do miss the fodder that our community provides.

Today, much of the day was spent ensuring that students library accounts were active and that typically involves us having to hear the woes of the college student ID. When did students become so concerned about their appearance? More students than not today had issues with how they looked in their photos...hello...campus security are not magicians. Anyway, it was fun seeing just how bad a college ID can look and let me tell you, some were doozies!

We also had some of our regular faculty/staff visitors including Jesus Boy who granted us an audience today to activate his library card. To my amusement he was heard referring to his photo as "constipated". Tsk, tsk, now is that very Christian? We all agree, as do many of his colleagues, that there must be another side to know, a whips and chains kind of thing. Not to mention that he is really Ned Flanders (
à la the Simpson’s) clone. Yep, right down to when he takes his over shirt off...someone works out. It is always the quiet ones...right? Actually, Jesus Boy and Jungle Fever work in the same vicinity and almost came to blows once. Now that would have been a sight to behold.

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