Thursday, January 05, 2006


Library school prepared me for few things. The most useful course was on providing reference services and how to conduct the reference interview. I don't use these services for students since they never ask any questions! Yet, I do find my reference skills useful for e-mail correspondence to faculty and staff.

Our library is responsible for scheduling media equipment and for some reason I'm surprised how much pertinent information is left out in these requests. Gramps is an older faculty member who tends to pass me in the hall and make AV Requests. Often I e-mail dear ole gramps to remind him he wanted to request equipment. Gramps responds with a room and time but leaves out the type of equipment. There I go again, asking more questions. Reference interviewing at its finest. My professors would be proud!


As a somewhat younger individual, I find that I probably have less patience for the crap that most of the students try to pull. A few months ago I came across some random girl eating a bag of chips in the library while sitting at a computer. I tell her there's no food in the library and she had to either put it away or leave. She acknowledged me and began to quickly stuff the food in her face to get rid of the food. What are you an animal?

Another obnoxious student was talking on their cell phone while at the computer and using instant messenger to chat with friends. Talking on the cell phone and chatting on instant messenger, feels just like home doesn't it? So I tell her to shut that cell phone or go outside. I walk away briefly and she continues to chat and at that point I'm standing over her and telling her to shut it off. She's still talking now, telling her friend on the phone that she had to hang up. SO GET OFF THE PHONE BITCH! I mean really, this is just f**ked up!

- Hen 3

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