Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cast of Characters

We're back! The regulars are back to their antics and this is the perfect time for introductions. Our institutional nut jobs consist of library staff, faculty, administration and additional staff.

Here's just a sampling of what's to come:
The Library staff consists of a Rooster (The Director), Four Hens (Librarians), and a few Chicks (Student workers). We are an odd bunch with our own amusing idiosyncrasies but not as interesting as the rest!

The Faculty has a nice assortment of losers and wannabes. There's Opie who is extremely excitable and incredibly annoying. Your best bet for maintaining sanity is to avoid contact at all times and keeping the eyes downcast. Once you get Opie started, be prepared for a scene of ranting, raving and a good deal of spittle in the face.

Administration is full of nepotism and everyone seems related to one another. Better watch your step or you may be out of a job sooner than you think. Some of our favorites include Brillo Head who is about as useless as a used Brillo pad. Why do some people keep a Brillo pad long after its been used up?

Staff here spans from uptight to naughty. There is Jesus Boy, who like his name suggests, is a fanatic Christian with some serious issues. On the other end of the spectrum there is Jungle Fever who has a penchant for women half his age and prefers to date interracially (please note we do not have any problem with interracial couples). The catch is that Jungle fever is unattractive, overweight, and seems most unlikely to date anyone.

Let's not forget the Students who range from the rare overachievers to the more common lazy and uninspired. We have Library Stalker who cannot seem to stay away from the Chicks. Then there's Gigolo who also cannot stay away from the Chicks for slightly different reasons.

FYI, Rooster said to finish this post already... I've got to run so be sure to check back for the latest gossip and happenings with the Cackling Hens.

-Hen 1

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