Friday, January 06, 2006

Looking after the Chicks

I spent my morning in a professional development session today. I missed the early drama of the day but I happened to catch the tail end. Our little Chick 2 was working and as usual Library Stalker was giving her a hard time. He's Always in the library. In fact, I've come to expect Library Stalker even during school breaks, holidays, and weekends. Apparently he has nothing better to do. Sad, but I suppose it's better than dealing drugs on the corner or selling it in the library.

So little chickie is going about her business and doing a good job as always - In jumps The Stalker. He's "flirting" with her in his stalker way and of course gets a smack. Score one for the Chick 2! Needless to say, he thinks this attention, albeit painful, is a good thing. Me, overcome with concern for my little chick, steps in. Stop harrassing my student worker I say! (Note: if I were a real Hen, I would probably have pecked the little bastard until he bled.) Well Library Stalker, no doubt seeing my bloodlust, took the hint and high-tailed out of there!

I hate to report this, but I must tell the whole truth... On my way out, I noticed the Library Stalker and Chick 2 walking out together. This may be the last time this Hen stands up for her chick.

- Hen 2

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