Thursday, January 26, 2006

Looking at You

How would you like to sit in a presentation with this guy speaking and keep a straight face? Which eye do you look at?

Today ole One Eye, was giving a presentation to a bunch of us. One Eye, despite her name, does have two working eyes -- they just work independently from one another. To remedy any potential confusion, I find that looking at the point between both eyes helps the situation. After One Eye's rambling and long winded PowerPoint presentation, a bunch of us thought we were off the hook, until the next wacko decided to pick up the slack.

Flaky, a lovely and sweet caring woman, decided to relieve our stress with a group relaxation session. The lights dimmed, the soft music went on... it was the perfect atmosphere for a nice nap. It didn't end there, soon Flaky starts talking in a soothing voice (quite high pitched and childlike), telling all of us go to visit our "Special Place." After a half hour session of "serenity", I was having a fabulous time in my "Special Place." For those who do wonder, I'm not revealing my special place; but you're welcome to comment where your special place is! Let's hear from the peanut gallery!

- Hen 3

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