Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So Lonely...

Sometimes it just feels like there is no one around. It is that time of year where staff sating taking a few days here and a few days there often leaving a skeleton crew to man the bridge. It is probably a good thing that this happens from time to time because it allows us to really rely on the students and faculty to entertain us and they never fail.

Yesterday, I was in my office (with a door mind you) and we had heard that one of the departments went ahead and purchased a digital video camera and surprise we, being the A/V controllers of the Universe, would be responsible for it. Now, I see VideoGeek walking in the general vicinity of my office and sure enough he stops outside my door. Did I forget to mention I WAS ON THE PHONE? Well, thinking he would wait until I was finished, I acknowledged that I had seen him and would be with him in a moment. I mean I wasn't pondering String Theory on the telephone or anything. One would think that VideoGeek would have gotten the message but NO. He proceeds to walk into my office, stand in front of my desk, and begin to unload equipment onto my desk...piece by piece.

I really wasn't sure what to do...I mean he is actually a nice guy but just a bit too dense for his own (or any of ours) good. Yes, I did finish my conversation and happily accept the gifts of VideoGeek and had to smile because if I didn't the Radio Star would have killed Video.

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