Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blow Me...

Well it is a windy day here in the Northeast and after nearly losing power a few times today things are finally beginning to settle down. However, trying to run out for lunch proved to be an obstacle course with numerous trees and power lines down and spotty areas without power. Needless to say our student body, who look for any excuse not to come in, was extremely light today and the library was uncommonly peaceful.
However, the die hard library groupies made it in and are still here -- lucky us! So our light number of visitors afforded us to leave the confines of the library and mingle (translated gossip) with other departments throughout the college.

People always seem to be amazed when they see any of us actually outside of the library environment; almost as if we should never venture outside of our "zone".
Rooster was walking around trying to catch-up on the latest goings on when he rounded a corner and walked dead-on into one of our academic department heads who we'll just call the Sparrow, due to here slight stature and fluttering movements. Now, Rooster was clearly mortified and apologetic, but Sparrow apparently got a bit of a thrill which made it even more uncomfortable.

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