Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Anyone Home?

Computers have invaded the minds of our students and are taking over the world! I witnessed a disturbing event this morning. Three students, with no relation to one another, were staring at their computer screens expectantly for ten minutes. I happened to glance in their direction and noticed they couldn't log-in to their computers.

You would think that they would say something like, "Hey, is there something wrong with this computer?" Or maybe they would ask one another, "Can you log in?" Still, not a word was uttered as they sat in companionable silence watching their screens. I finally went over to them and asked if they were having problems logging in and they said, "Um, Yeah."

So I told these automatons, "Well you need to tell someone if you can't log-in to the computer, otherwise we don't know there's a problem." Silence was my response. Not long after, things were up and running and the students were then able to report to their masters.

- Hen 4

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