Thursday, January 19, 2006

Welcome Sadists

If you are a sadist or even a masochist, I know where you were this morning. You were in my meeting with various other library individuals discussing absolutely NOTHING of value. I played the part of the masochist and drank vast quantities of water and then held it in for 2 hours.

Several of us were held captive by oblivious colleagues and those merciless sadists. In particular one colleague felt is necessary to tell incoherent stories, forcing us to ask what she said over and over again. Once we found out what she was saying, we realized that it had no relevance to the meeting at all.

Two self-important chums felt compelled to talk in circles about new red tape policies that should be administered, or heck, maybe we should just talk about it and not really put it into action. We, the hapless invitees, were powerless to do anything but stare with eyes glazed over in agony. I thought to myself, "Please, please, don't let me fall asleep and have someone put my finger in warm water."

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