Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring is in the air…

And what does that mean to you? Budding flowers, birds and bees, and SEX! That’s right, bring on the sex! Well you see…some students were so full of Spring Fever that that they just forgot themselves and got caught in a very uncompromising position in one of our classrooms.

Apparently the Absent Minded Professor (ABM) happened to stroll into one of the unused classrooms and caught them with their pants down, literally. Since ABM is off his rocker, he failed to get much attention from the proper authorities when he tried to tell them two students were “going at it.” I can only imagine the trauma that ABM experienced since it was our very own resident Library Stalker that was guilty of committing the crime.

If you recall, Stalker had given us a scare regarding one of our library chicks a while back. On a positive note, I am so thankful that he did not attempt to use the library as his rendezvous with desire!

As for the ABM, his story was only believed when someone in administration heard some awfully funny noises coming from the unused classroom. In fact, that classroom has seen more “use” than ever before.

- Hen 4

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