Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ready for Action

It is our library’s policy that students must show their student ID before they can enter the library; I believe this is a common practice in most academic libraries. It is of course to demonstrate that we have some sort of security within the library and to keep out all those non-students (because they all want to come to our library). As for our security, I know that we don’t have any since I’m the one asking those students to show their ID’s.

Today as I was harassing, ahem, asking Gigolo to show his ID, he was annoyed because he had to dig into his fat wallet. Apparently his wallet isn’t full of cash, but of condoms. He inadvertently pulled out one of his Trojans during his search for his ID. [Side note: he isn’t named Gigolo for nothing.] I think I was more embarrassed than he was when I saw that pathetic and crushed condom. It looks like this prevention method would ultimately fail if it was ever used.

- Hen 2

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