Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Say What?

As a wise person once said, "use your filter." It is obvious that the students here do not have filters, nor would they use them if they had them. On several occasions I have been the recipient of unwanted flirting/admiration/harassment. The following actually happened:

Situation 1: Reference desk

Gigolo meets me for the first time at the reference desk. Trying to be the nice librarian (mistake), I smile and say hello and ask if I can help him. He asks me some lame question which I answer and then he asks this question: "Why is a young woman like yourself not married?" Caught off guard, I can only numbly stare. Once I come back to my wits I say: "Excuse Me? That's none of your business." Thinking back I wish I could have said many additional and colorful things like: "What, and be married to a beast like yourself?"

Situation 2: Between semesters and the day before a major holiday

I'm wearing jeans on this day because there's practically no one around and this is acceptable attire. Of course Stalker is in the library today because he has no life and nothing better to do. When I walk out into the library he takes one look at me and says, "Whoa, denim." I say, "Yes, I'm wearing jeans today." Stalker says, "NICE." That totally yucks me out and I feel dirty repeating it. Nevertheless it happened and I would have liked to sue his ass for sexual harassment but I wouldn't win much since Stalker is a poor student.
For these reasons, and countless others, I feel entitled to:
1) Dress down and be comfortable
2) Wear minimal make-up
3) Not do my hair in the morning
4) Eat spicy and curried foods that reek through my pores

- Hen 3

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