Thursday, May 04, 2006

Keeping busy

The key to happiness at any job is being busy and being caught up in your work. Yesterday I was in the foulest of moods because I had absolutely nothing to do. Sure I answered stupid questions at the reference desk and grunted, “No stapler, use paper clips,” but I didn’t use my brain once. These are the times when boredom is your undoing.

So I lost my sanity yesterday and consistently growled at Rooster who is probably seeking my replacement as I post this. I would imagine grunting that “I hate this job,” is not good for one’s job security.

Nevertheless I’m having a good day today since I actually helped some people today and I received a request to lecture to a class. Presenting to a class always interests me, especially when it’s a topic I have to research first. In this case I’m searching the Census and getting into marketing and finding demographics. Who would have thought a little research could cheer me up so much?

As much as I enjoy goofing off at times, I really would like to do something meaningful and not just surf the Web. There are only so many library blogs and New York Times articles to read. I suppose you could rationalize that I am very well informed which is a necessary part of my job. Yeah --If you believe that one, I can tell you another.

- Hen 3

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of library sex, here's a couple of funny ones from my public library:

--a teen couple booked a study room to study...well, each other. They were down on the FLOOR going at it. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to think the window looking into their study room was a deterrent. The director jumped in on them when she saw what was going on. The teens had the nerve to actually sass her back, "What? We can't do this here?"

--Another young teen was spotted in the stacks, making out with a boy while being watched by a sizeable GROUP of other boys. OUr director (again, she is quite active) pulled the girl aside and told her to have some respect for herself. Hopefully, this type of PDA won't become a habit here.