Monday, April 17, 2006

No, Means No

Before the weekend started, a student knocked politely on my office and asked if there were any library positions available in the library. I apologized and said there weren’t any positions available for student workers or for regular employees. Apparently, “No,” was not the answer he wanted to hear.

In response, the Persistent Student went on to say he was going to graduate soon and was an honors student and he noticed how busy it gets in the morning and how I answer all the questions quickly and efficiently. I thanked him and he continued to lay it on thick and said he wanted to work in the library because it was quiet and convenient and he wanted someplace to work while he continued his studies.

Yet again, I explained we didn’t have positions, but perhaps he could visit the career center to find what else is available or perhaps a paid or unpaid internship in the area. He said he went already and he didn’t really like what was out there, and that those offices were too busy. He said, again, he really wanted to work in this library. At this point, it was obvious to me that he didn’t believe me when I said there aren’t any positions available. Finally, after going around in circles for at least 10 minutes, I apologized and said we have nothing for you, try the career center or look at an online jobsite.

He didn’t get the hint because he came back later in the week while we had an IT person fixing one of the computers. Persistent Student asked “hey, do you work here?” I happened to overhear and say, NO, he doesn’t work in the library (SO GET LOST KID).

Geez, I never heard of anyone so desperate to work… I have a feeling our student workers have been sharing with their friends how little work they actually do. Who else will have I have to beat off?

- Hen 1

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