Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mutiny in the Library

Our hints for the student workers to get lost have hit a raw nerve. Cutting back on their hours has really left them pissed off. We're not awful managers, really. Actually, if we were better managers we probably would have these kids trained so well that they would form a queue every time we said "Boo." But honestly now, how many academic libraries have student workers that are perfect little angels?

To date, I've been confronted by two angry chicks. These two "darlings," Sporty Chick and Flirty Chick are notorious for slacking off, changing their own hours at their whim, chatting/flirting with friends and constantly getting the most basic of instructions botched up. What can I say? It just so happens that their schedules were the least flexible and I had to cut back.

Needless to say, the two chicks tag-teamed and confronted me at the same time. As their supervisor, I can only make nice nice and say if they weren't happy to work elsewhere. But what surprised me the most is that they would backstab the newest chick that really is not at fault.

The rest of the chicks are content since their schedules are only mildly affected by the cutback in hours. I confess it just so happens that our best workers got to keep most their hours.

Still, the winds seem to be picking up and I feel a storm brewing.
I'm waiting for a huge rush of chicks and to be torn apart piece by piece. Then again, our chicks are sneaky so I wouldn't put poison past them. I better keep an eye out for my water bottle.

- Hen 1

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